About SeeSystems Design

While my passion lies in the realm of photography, many know that in this digital online age, promotion is not as straightforward as hanging a print in a coffee shop and hoping for a sale. An online presence is essential to getting the word out that you have something to provide. Hence started the journey of SeeSystems Design in 1999. Photography led to video, video led to web design, web design led to social media... I think you get the picture. It is hard to do one without doing the other so you end up wearing many hats especially when you are a one person show like SeeSystems. In the process of building my creative outlet known as SeeSystems Design (and keeping a day job in the electronics industry) the desire for good, solid design took hold and led to some great freelance work in web site development. I enjoyed helping small businesses get their first web site started and experience the similar online journey that I was also traveling. Much of it was learn as you go but that is the way many things are these days if you want to keep up. Sometimes when you think you have it down, something new comes along to challenge you and the journey continues. I hope it never ends! cw smith

Curtis Smith by day is the web master, graphic designer, training instructor and technical support guru for Huntron, Inc..
SeeSystems Design is based in beautiful Kingston, Washington


What's in a name?

Nytewing light show

As a budding and very young stage lighting designer many years ago, I imagined starting a company designing and building elaborate light shows for live rock bands. Live life on the road, see the world, rock-n-roll...
The company name? CSystems.
Of course the name stood for Curtis Systems and I liked the of sound of "C" systems as it alluded to a visual sense as in "see". Time passed and I moved on from lighting design to electronic design but the name "CSystems" never escaped me. As my interest in web site design began I knew I needed a domain name which finally gave me the opportunity to revive the name "CSystems" from the dusty backwoods of my brain. Unfortunately the domain name "CSystems.com" was taken (and still is, darn it!) but "SeeSystems.com" was not. Today, I feel the name still works even though it does not necessarily conjure up thoughts of photography or web design. However, I think I will keep it a little bit longer...