The Photography of Curtis W. Smith

Old Perle Jr. camera

It started with my grandfather's Argus 35mm range-finder camera and a Perle Jr. 120 medium format camera purchased at a garage sale when I was 12 years old. I still have both cameras.
My camera was a constant companion and I learned darkroom skills through a class at my middle school. At the time, you don't realize that with all of the photographs taken you are documenting your life. I look through my many boxes of prints and slides now and I can still get a taste of what I was feeling when pressing the shutter button. Presented here are some favorite images covering many different subjects. There is a mix of 35mm film based and digital images.
All of the images shown here were captured by Curtis W. Smith. All rights are reserved so please contact me if you wish discuss licensing one of these images.


Scenes from Around the World

These images were captured during my travels to many wonderful locations. I consider myself very lucky to have had the chance to see these many places and if I could offer one piece of advice to anyone it would be to "Get out and see the world. Travel is good for the soul.". It can be a very humbling experience.

Wild Things!

There are few things that are as rewarding as capturing a great image of wildlife. Sometimes it is easy and you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Other times it will test your patience. A good image of the life around us can connect a person with our planet and (hopefully) help us to preserve it for future generations.


I am a lover of fast machines. My collection of racing images (many shot on film and questionable in quality) probably makes up half of all the photographs I have ever taken. Digital technology has really been an instigator in my love for motorsports photography. It must be the instant gratification you feel when looking at the back of your camera and knowing you captured a good one.